Are your foundations failing?

Windows and doors that start sticking, cracks in brickwork, cracks in internal plaster, gaps between the floor and the wall, can all mean there are problems with the foundations of the house.

Foundation problems can be caused by a number of different factors including poor concrete, bad drainage, invading tree roots and unstable soil. Even a beautiful garden adjacent to a slab can sometimes cause problems. Whatever the cause, it is in your interest to remedy the problem before it gets serious.

Innovation Builders is highly experienced in structural repairs, particularly those involving:

  • Foundation failure
  • Storm & flood damage
  • Waterproofing problems
  • Cracked or dislodged brick walls
  • Collapsing decks & balconies

Experts in structural repairs

We are one of the few building companies in the Greater Melbourne area that has expertise in Structural Repairs.

Whether the underlying problem is with a sinking foundation, a deteriorating brick wall or a roof  damaged by the collapse of a nearby tree, structural problems need to be fixed. They never get better over time. Both cost and safety issues are good reasons to take action.


Poor drainage is a clear danger for any property. Constantly damp walls are not only an aesthetic problem but the accompanying mould and wood rot are health risks. Damp can destabilize foundations, particularly for slab built homes. Major wall cracking can cause doors and cupboards to stick on opening and closing. Gaps can appear near architraves and floor/wall joints and tiled floors can crack.

Innovation Builders welcomes the structural repair projects that other builders avoid.

In fact, we regularly receive work in this area from engineers and strata managers. So, if you have structural integrity concerns in the Greater Melbourne, you can rest assured Innovation Builders can help you solve the problem.

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  • Registered Building Practitioner
  • Victorian Building Authority

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