Home Renovations

When you first bought your house it was no doubt selected because of some combination of great position for you and your family and an attractive house with the right amenities.

With time things change.

The house shows signs of wear, styles change and the house you love starts showing its age.

This is when a thoughtful renovation can help. For example, a new kitchen can put new life into a house and, with careful planning, can be very cost effective. Bathrooms are another area that have a great effect on liveability.

Innovation Builders specialize in house renovations. No matter what area of your home you want to change or revitalize, we have the team that can make your vision a reality.

Home Extensions

As the family grows, it is not uncommon to feel the need for more space. The kids are noisy, perhaps need more room to study or an elderly family member comes to stay.

Accommodating the changing circumstances within the family while remaining in the area the family loves and finds convenient is a common reason to consider a home extension. While meeting new needs and improving liveability, a house extension also adds value to the property .

Our services for home extensions and renovations cover all major areas of the home:

  • Demolition
  • Restoration work
  • Kitchen makeovers
  • Bathroom & laundry
  • Bedroom alterations
  • Living areas
  • Timber flooring
  • Outdoor decks

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Popular home extensions:

Room Extensions

If the land allows and the home design suits, a room extension can meet the need for more space. The addition of another bedroom, games room or outdoor entertainment area can make a huge difference to the liveability of the house for the family.

Second Storey Extensions

If the land or house design does not allow extension of the house footprint, a second storey is often an option. Whether for an extra bedroom and bathroom or a community area to make the most of the view, a second storey extension can add lifestyle benefits and improve the value of the home.


An older style house often benefits from the addition of a sunroom.

With room for the kids to play with friends or for entertainment in a backyard setting, a sunroom can be a cost effective addition when space becomes cramped, particularly as the growing family becomes more boisterous..

Retreats or Granny Flats

A separate building to the main house, a granny flat / retreat is usually built to house a teenager or an elderly relative. They can also be built near a swimming pool to provide a centre for entertainment and refreshment. If the structure has a bathroom, the unit could be let for an additional source of income. Bear in mind that council planning restrictions often determine what can be included in these structures.

Second Bathroom

If you are installing a new pool, an accessible toilet is a necessity. Nobody wants  young bathers traipsing through the house leaving wet footprints.

Growing families or an occupant with a disability might also benefit from an extra bathroom if the house layout allows it.

Photo Gallery

The photo sequence below illustrates the renovation and extension of a heritage-listed home in Essendon, Victoria. Extensive structural repairs were carried out to the facade and the entire house was gutted and renovated.

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